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By Dorothy Kiranda

Ever wondered why that cute girl in the neighborhood left you for another guy across the road with a bushy chin? Research has over the years revealed that women actually feel more comfortable and proud of men with beards as compared to those without.

According to Sarah Katamba, a saloon operator in Kampala, her relationship with her boyfriend Wambuzi did not last after she lost interest in him when Andrew, a fashionably bearded journalist came knocking at her door. She says she felt more secure with a man who had a beard than she was with Wambuzi.

Just like Sarah, many other women share the same opinion with just less than 3 out of 10 saying they do not care whether a guy has a beard or he shaves clean.

” To me, the beard doesn’t matter as long as my guy is loving and caring. The second thing is if I love him,” says Martha, a laboratory attendant in Jinja. She however also admits that she would be more attracted to one with a beard if at all it were a choice to make though she wouldn’t still reject a proposal from a man for solely having no beard.

Beard loving females advance a number of reasons for their preference, some of which include the following;

Many argue that a man with a beard is a source of confidence for his woman. The reason that the beard creates a feeling among ladies that the man has all that it takes to take care of and protect his woman.

A beard to others is a symbol of maturity. Apart from the physical appearance, a beard makes women view to portray a man as more mature than he would appear if he had no beard. This makes them have faith that the natural mind perceived would certainly translate inefficiency in a relationship.

Women also argue that men with beards are more romantic in bed than their beardless counterparts. For this group of women, the hair on the chin and cheeks would arouse tactile sex feelings which gives the experience to remember unlike otherwise.

Some women use beards on the man to establish his hygiene. One would easily tell how a man can be tidy or untidy by merely looking at the appearance of his beard. A man who keeps an unkempt beard would inform a woman’s decision on whether or not to go on with him.

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