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By Merjeed F Anguiza

Museveni media advisor John Nagenda has advised Speaker Kadaga to be careful not to be seen going to war with Gen Museveni because by the time that war comes to an end, all MPs will have deserted her.

Nagenda says daring to take on Museveni is tantamount to declaring war on and betraying the Movement adding that Kadaga will very soon “find herself without a friend in Parliament.” Nagenda is saying all this after MPs, in a session presided over by Kadaga, voted to condemn Museveni while showing displeasure with the way he attacked them over the Shs10bn calling their self-allocation of Shs20m, per legislator, “morally reprehensible.”

He claims that Kadaga passionately hates Gen Museveni, something for which she will pay heavily. That her “machinations” against Gen Museveni could prompt NRM to mobilize it’s numbers and “seek her replacement.” That Kadaga has become so troublesome those seeking to replace her would be justified. He adds that gratefully, Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah “has already shown great aptitude for the job.”

That he (Nagenda) is ready to bet his own Muyenga house should Oulanyah not become Speaker subsequently. He justifies his wish to have someone else replace Kadaga thus: “If people continually go out of their way to commit suicide, who am I to save them?” Nagenda also notes that the decision by some MPs to return what he calls “bribes” money is proof Kadaga, who says don’t return the money, already faces some revolt in Parliament.

Nagenda also salutes President Museveni saying he has put up an excellent fight against COVID19 the very reason Uganda hasn’t registered any deaths and even infection rates are low compared to the rest of the region. Nagenda wonders why BBC has so far not found it necessary to profile Uganda’s success story thus far against COVID. He advises the World Service to fire it’s current correspondent in Kampala and replace him or her with someone more capable so that the Museveni COVID response track record can be truly broadcast to the world which he says can learn a lot from the Ugandan story.

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